Not just a simple tool, but a powerful one. The possibilities are endless.

Our app can measure emotion, semantic coherence and structural impairments that characterize psychological distress from the very beginning of potential symptoms. With over a decade of clinical research, our group has pioneered this field and has been able to identify indicators and patterns which are not only linked to mental suffering, but also to healthy social cognitive development.

Psychomeasure can go from tracking social and mental health development in school and its association with possible learning problems to revealing early signs of mental distress related to social isolation, be it in minor disorders such as the reaction to the environmental crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, or in major disorders such as Schizophrenia.

We aim to provide a complimentary evaluation tool for the assessment of individuals’ mental health state to healthcare professionals, educators, and everyone else. The same way an X-ray is ordered by a physician as a means of searching for the most accurate treatment option, our app can be a powerful tool for the psychological and cognitive evaluation of individuals and add more information that will lead to the proper treatment of mental health problems – this way, we can help people live better, healthier lives.


Psychomeasure is not just a psychiatric diagnosis tool. Our goal is to be available and for our product to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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