An important step forward in mental health assessment

At Psychomeasure, we aim to assist mental health professionals in providing a faster, more accurate diagnosis to their patients. By using natural language processing tools that enable the measuring of specific characteristics and signals in speech, it’s possible to acquire a lot more information about the patient and reduce the possibility of an inaccurate diagnosis.

Despite all the important advances we have achieved in psychiatry and neuroscience, the main diagnosis of mental health problems remains subjective, and can take over two years to be reached. For many disorders, this could represent a substantial loss of opportunities to protect the cognitive and social abilities of afflicted individuals.

We can help people have a better chance at improving and regulating their symptoms by working alongside mental health professionals to provide an inclusive tool that will help with the assessment of patients all over the world.

Our app was also tested in schools and educational centers and can offer educators the opportunity to track children’s cognitive development in a school setting. Through the analysis of speech patterns, we can help professionals give the best possible learning experience to their students and aid in the early identification of possible learning disabilities, which must be considered by educators and can relieve years of difficulties and misunderstanding throughout a child’s educational period.

As for the pharmaceutical industry, our app can reduce the burden and cost of Central Nervous System clinical drug trials by adding precision to the final comparison between new drugs versus placebo and increasing the chances of finding positive or negative results in the early stages of clinical trials. We can pave the way for better solutions for the treatment of all kinds of mental health problems by providing scientists with a tool that delivers an accurate assessment of an individual’s state and evolution.


Psychomeasure is not just a psychiatric diagnosis tool. Our goal is to be available and for our product to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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