Learn more about your own mood and way of thinking

It is through language that we are able to share our own thoughts and feelings with each other, allowing us to cooperate and work together as a society. But language can say a lot more about oneself than meets the eye. One of the main outputs of the human mind is language, which is precisely why talking can be so illustrative of our mental state.

Using natural language processing tools, our app aims to help people find solutions to psychological problems they may be experiencing and provide them with an innovative method to learn more about their own cognitive processes.

As we all know, mental health problems are steadily increasing all over the globe – The World Health Organization estimates depression alone afflicts 300 million people around the world. One of the main issues that come with these types of health problems is that, in order for one to have access to proper mental health care, it’s often necessary to seek it from professional clinics or institutions, which, for many reasons, does not always happen.

At Psychomeasure, we can help people navigate their own minds and play a part in reducing the suffering caused by mental health distress.


Psychomeasure is not just a psychiatric diagnosis tool. Our goal is to be available and for our product to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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